Happy Birthday!

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Today is my thirteenth birthday! I didn’t have a party, but that’s this weekend. For my exercise log, me and 2 of my friends went walking around my streets, I got in about thirty minutes ago. Just a little update, I’ll update after my slumber party!



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My birthday is coming up soon! October 15th, to be exact. On that day, my drama teacher invited the class to see his dress rehearsal, but he needs to write the note so we can get permission. I’m having a birthday party on the 18th; It’s gonna be a slumber party! I’m gonna invite four of my friends and we’ll hang out in the living room, doing random stuff and eating Dominos Pizza. I gotta clean the living room on that Friday then. I’m gonna hand the invitations out on Monday.

Knitting related, I’m making the Ground Flower Hat by Phoeknits. Sadly, I’m running out of yarn, so I have to take it from the second skein. Hopefully I’ll be done,  then I’ll get to work with the headbands for my party.


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After Tonight by Justin Nozuka

Okay, not ninjas. NJHS.

Well, because I’m SUCH a genius, I’m in NJHS; National Junior Honor Society. I get to plan fundraisers for the school. UNFORTUNATELY, I’m not treasurer. Don’t get me started on it. So every Wednesday during lunch, I go to my social studies room and eat lunch, and listen to the president of NJHS talk about what we’ll do. You guessed it, tomorrow’s a meeting. If you didn’t…. uh, okay.

Even though I find the meeting kinda bleh,  I have one of my bestedest friends in the world sitting behind me. She probably knows who she is if she’s having a smart day. Hahaha… ha…. ah…… Yeah so, just posting out of spite because I’m bored and not in the mood to read Pendragon. Why I’m reading it, I don’t know. I’ve never even heard of the book until yesterday when me and my friend got angry that Twilight wasn’t there. I haven’t even read the first book in  Pendragon. I’m on book two. Yeah….. So later!

So very delayed…

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Okay, well my first day of school was the 25th… It was really cool, but so much changed. They actually make you get in a line just to dump your tray. It’s crazy! Well my mom is opening an etsy shop, so I gotta think of some stuff to make… ugh. I kinda don’t feel like don’t it, but I want to earn money, so…………yeah.

Ehmagawd Last Day!!

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Just ignore the title… I had a clique novel moment. XD

Ok, well it’s the last day of school and I am COMPLETELY nervous because I don’t wanna leave any of my friends! I mean, there are some that are moving out of state, then I’m working on something with another that we NEED to be in each others presence! So, I think me and her might mail the book every 2 weeks to each other… It would be really messed up if she mailed it and I left to go back home before it got there! I would hate that sooo much it’s not even funny…. Well anyway that was a quick message about what I”m sorta worried about and I’ll keep you updated about the last day!


I”m making a kitty hat for myself and I plan to work on it during that long assembly today, and when it’s done, I shall wear it everyday even if it doesn’t match! hahaha…. Heheh…. muahahaha….. I can’t wait til this coolie thing is done! (And yes, little sister, I WILL wear it during the summer, showing how proud I am of myself for making my first hat!)

Math Test

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Well, since I can’t TALK about what happens on the test, I guess I’ll just say that it was okay I guess. There was one question I didn’t get and I still don’t get it. Oh wells. When I finished my test, I was so bored that I french-braided my bang. Twice. It looked okay for a first try and when I unbraided it, it was seriously crinkly. I liked it a lot.

This really annoying girl at my school moved on Friday after 3rd period. I don’t get how she actually thought that me and my friends even LIKED her. I mean, she has NOTHING in common with us. Oh wells. Just glad she’s gone. 😀




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This week is SOL tests…. In other words, BIG EVIL EXAMS! I took my science one Monday, and I think I got a…. 500 out of 600. Yesterday was my Social Studies exam, I think I got…. 700 out of 600. BUT! These girls wrote on their arm information about the tests (BIG NO-NO), and blamed my social studies teacher! While she was at a meeting in front of the SCHOOL BOARD, my friend was bopping from the office to guidance, trying to keep her from getting fired. The office lady was like, “Francis…. Go to class, please.” Hopefully, my favorite teacher will be sitting there in her room, in front of her podium when I go to 3rd period!

In another topic, my next SOL test is Friday. I wanna see If I can bring my knitting in there for when I’m done. I did it in 5th grade….. Right now I’m making a wallet till I find a better project to make.