Hey today the weirdest things happened.

  1. On the news, they said the student of the week was Kiana Richardson(My name is VERY close to that),people said it was me, but I didn’t believe them.
  2. >nothing in period 2<
  3. It was free music day in chorus, and I was the only person to bring in a CD(awkward…)
  4. I won Smarties! I also got a pass to see if I was the student of the week and I was!
  5. My petition against the rules at lunch was taken away… But I got it back.
  6. I used a shortcut in Microsoft Excel to finish my assignment.WOO HOO!
  7. I got to use Microsoft Excel… AGAIN. (yay.)

Well, that was my day, and it was very good. It would have been EXCELLENT if my science teacher didn’t throw my petition… Well let me shut my mouth because I got it back anyways.



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