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Math Test

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Well, since I can’t TALK about what happens on the test, I guess I’ll just say that it was okay I guess. There was one question I didn’t get and I still don’t get it. Oh wells. When I finished my test, I was so bored that I french-braided my bang. Twice. It looked okay for a first try and when I unbraided it, it was seriously crinkly. I liked it a lot.

This really annoying girl at my school moved on Friday after 3rd period. I don’t get how she actually thought that me and my friends even LIKED her. I mean, she has NOTHING in common with us. Oh wells. Just glad she’s gone. 😀




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This week is SOL tests…. In other words, BIG EVIL EXAMS! I took my science one Monday, and I think I got a…. 500 out of 600. Yesterday was my Social Studies exam, I think I got…. 700 out of 600. BUT! These girls wrote on their arm information about the tests (BIG NO-NO), and blamed my social studies teacher! While she was at a meeting in front of the SCHOOL BOARD, my friend was bopping from the office to guidance, trying to keep her from getting fired. The office lady was like, “Francis…. Go to class, please.” Hopefully, my favorite teacher will be sitting there in her room, in front of her podium when I go to 3rd period!

In another topic, my next SOL test is Friday. I wanna see If I can bring my knitting in there for when I’m done. I did it in 5th grade….. Right now I’m making a wallet till I find a better project to make.