Ehmagawd Last Day!!

Just ignore the title… I had a clique novel moment. XD

Ok, well it’s the last day of school and I am COMPLETELY nervous because I don’t wanna leave any of my friends! I mean, there are some that are moving out of state, then I’m working on something with another that we NEED to be in each others presence! So, I think me and her might mail the book every 2 weeks to each other… It would be really messed up if she mailed it and I left to go back home before it got there! I would hate that sooo much it’s not even funny…. Well anyway that was a quick message about what I”m sorta worried about and I’ll keep you updated about the last day!


I”m making a kitty hat for myself and I plan to work on it during that long assembly today, and when it’s done, I shall wear it everyday even if it doesn’t match! hahaha…. Heheh…. muahahaha….. I can’t wait til this coolie thing is done! (And yes, little sister, I WILL wear it during the summer, showing how proud I am of myself for making my first hat!)


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